Our line of chemical products cover a wide range of solutions for the Oil & Gas industry. We try our best to make them friendly to the environment and easily biodegradable.

Biocide Enhancer

Synergycide Plus:

Product designed as a biocide, biocide enhancer and S2H sequestrant, based on a balanced mixture of cyclic mono and di hemiacetals. Its penetrating and biodispersing properties allow an increase in the availability of active ingredients, thus enhancing its biocidal action. Compatible with all biocides normally used in Oil & Gas.


BioSyg GL:

Broad spectrum biocide formulated from organic complexes and Glutaraldehyde. Its compound based on aldehydes is used to control Sulfate Reducing Bacteria in injection and oil production waters and to prevent corrosion. Its biodispersing action gives it excellent ability to eliminate biofilms that are difficult to remove.

BioSyg T:

Broad spectrum biocide with great efficiency on Reducing Sulfate Bacteria. The synergism between the aldehyde complex and Tetrakis (hydroxymethyl) phosphonium sulfate facilitates the entry of assets through the exopolysaccharide matrix of biofilms. BioSyg T has a unique mechanism of action that allows it to perform three functions in an oil field, it kills microorganisms, reduces hydrogen sulfide concentrations, and reacts and dissolves iron sulfide. Especially effective in oil injection and production systems.

BioSyg QA:

It is an efficient non-oxidant synergized biocide based on fifth generation quaternary ammoniums, with broad action against Extremophilic, Gram + and - microorganisms. It has a strong biodispersing action, which enables it to act efficiently on biofilms that are difficult to remove. It is used in cooling water treatment, oil water and industrial effluent.

BioSyg QC:

It is an efficient non-oxidant synergized biocide based on fourth and fifth generation quaternary ammoniums whose fundamental characteristic is the formation of low foam. Its surfactant action allows the cell wall of microbial cells to be more permeable, facilitating the penetration of the aldehyde compound. Its formulation makes it especially effective for injection systems.

Foam agents

DLQ 1:

High efficiency concentrated amphoteric formulation for processes that require foam in gas wells. Stable in extreme salinity and high temperature conditions. Compatible with a wide range of products used in industry such as scale inhibitors and clay inhibitors.

DLQ 2:

Amphoteric and anionic formulation developed for systems containing water-hydrocarbon. Stable at high temperature. Compatible with a wide range of products used in the Oil & Gas industry.

DLQ 3:

Amphoteric and anionic formulation developed for systems containing high concentrations of hydrocarbons. Stable in extreme conditions of high salinity and high temperature. Excellent foam quality even at high salt concentration. Compatible with a wide range of products used in the Oil & Gas industry.

Corrosion and Scale Inhibitors:

In AD / In A / In AH / In PH:

Antifouling products for tower water treatment and cooling circuits. They have dispersant properties of silica and insoluble salts of calcium and magnesium.

In MAP / In HA:

Antifouling, anticorrosive products for cooling water treatment. They prevent the deposition of calcium and magnesium salts (in the form of carbonates and sulfates) by altering their crystalline structure. In corrosive conditions, they protect iron, copper and alloys.

In HK:

Selective neutralized industrial antifouling for calcium and magnesium. It inhibits the formation of calcium and magnesium crystals in the form of carbonates and sulphates. Prevents precipitation and prevents fouling in Reverse Osmosis (RO) membranes. Effective over a wide range of pH values ​​(5 to 10) and at extremes of temperature. Excellent solubility and stability. Powerful sequestrant of metallic pollutants such as iron and aluminum, among others. As it is a neutralized product, it can be dosed in conjunction with Sodium Metabisulfite.

Eliminador de S2H

Syg TRZ:

Concentrated formaldehyde releasing compound, has the ability to release it in a controlled manner. Powerful H2S sequestrant present in injection and production waters of oil wells without generating carbonate precipitation. Great stability at high temperatures and a pH range of 3 to 10.

TRZ 63:

Concentrated S2H sequestrant.

Flocculants and Coagulants

Floc PDM:

Highly effective flocculant for water clarification in all types of industrial processes. Exceptional performance in solid-liquid separations under a wide range of conditions.


Coagulant with excellent properties for treating water with special difficulties. Very efficiently separates solids and / or oil from water in clarifiers where wastewater or produced water must be treated to achieve good effluent quality or to be reinjected. Generates low volume of sludge. High performance for all types of industrial effluents.

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